Asylum Records Grand Opening in Tempe Arizona

I stopped down and signed some books at Asylum Records Grand Opening in Tempe Arizona a week ago. Max Cavalera was signing Soulfly stuff and so were his sons Zyon and Igor for their band Lody Kong. Good time talking to everyone! Here are a few picks! 2013-07-27_16.01.27 2013-07-27_16.02.57 2013-07-27_16.26.40Notice the awesome Get to the Choppa shirt I am rocking. haha

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Slow roasting Cuban Style!

So I got this Roaster Box- La Caja Asadora. Yesterday, one of the artists who did the cover of my book Jay Fotos and I roasted 6 chickens and some chicken thighs. We injected them with a Mojo seasoning and adobe rub. So delicious and so easy. I know this has nothing to do with the book other than the fact that we have a crew that eats like champs!

Tell me this doesn’t look delicious! Up next, doing a whole pig for Super Bowl Sunday!

16 pounds of charcoal on top. Keep box closed for an hour.

After an hour flip the chickens and add 8 pounds more of charcoal. Roast for one more hour.

Start breast side down!

Then you eat. Give away a few to friends cause this is way too much!

Every once in a while we can enjoy a food blog post!

Metal 1989

This was my first guitar. I remember asking my parents for a guitar over and over and they kept saying no. So when Christmas came, I remember my parents bring out this thing that looked like a gun case. Inside was this crazy looking Guild guitar. Anyways, I loved it. I took this pick in Dec 1989. Rocking my Christmas skull hat t-shirt that I wore all year long. I played Black Sabbath songs in the basement for the first year nonstop.

Happy Holidays everyone!